Falling in love is not like a romantic comedy in this stylish short by director Jérémie Cot of Paris-based Cuuut (previously featured here).


Guillaume Gouix
Esther Garrel
Gabriel Grosjean
Amber Macarius

A film by Jérémie Cot
Produced by Cuuut and Middlemen Films
Producers: Aurélien Kouby, Davy Rathsasombath, Philippe Imhaus, Simon Lefort
Production Manager: Philippe Imhaus
Production Assistant: Annabelle Rodicq
1st Assistant Director: Julien Stecker
1st Assistant Director Preparation: Valentin Peoc’h
Art Direction: Romaric Baudoin
Director of Photography : Alexandre Jamin
Electrician Leader: Tom Guillaumot
Electricians: Dorine Destouches, Alexis Bonnet
1st Assistant Camera: Maxime Beauquesne
Sound Engineer: Alban Lejeune
Chief Machinist: Xavier Schanen
Machinists: Marie Anouke Cougnon Vilain, Charlotte Pochart, Laetitia Gredai
Production Designer: Clara Largeron
1st Decorator Assistant: Lise Amir
Designer: Justin Lanoue
Assistant Decorator: Nicolas Wissler
Ripper: Adrien Murgida
Fashion Design: Garlone Jadoul
Head make-up artist: Stéphanie Clerc
Superintendent: Maxime Soron
Assistant Sales Manager: Cédric Martin
Photographer: Damien Bardot
Score: Florian Martiny
VFX: Nicolas Hernandez
Songs: Romaric Baudoin
Sound Editing / Mixing: Charles Mirat
Composer: Théo Darcel
Additional music: Journey in truth by (Sébastien Chenut, Maud Geffray)


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