Great energy to this video for French Vanilla by Los Angeles-based director Kailee McGee. Blurring the line between lived reality and digital fantasy, “All the Time” transports us through a series of different lenses as a way of questioning all the effort we put into making other people fall in love with us. As McGee states:

“The desire to self-actualize through creating the perfect, curated public persona is very real. And, it’s bizarre, scary, and kind of sad. All the time, we are faking, pushing, and projecting — living our lives through a filtered lens and trying hard to show our friends, family, possible clients, and potential lovers that we are valuable, busy, relevant, and special. But, maybe the person we are trying the hardest to impress is ourselves.”


Directed by Kailee McGee
Director of Photography: Basil Mironer
Editor: Rich Costales
Producer: Camille Cotteverte
Producer: Kailee McGee
Executive Producer: Rich Costales
Production Designer: Rose Curry
Choreographer: Maritza Navarro
Hair & Makeup: Jessie Maranda
VFX: Rogue State
Device UI Animation: Meister – Ethan Demarest
Colorist: Jennifer Gittings
1st AD: Joshua Kass
1st AC: Minami Moriyama
Art Assistant: Dakota Matthews
HMU Assistant: Megan Melendi

Special Thanks:
The Smell
Unbound Dance Studio
Jim Smith
Tatum Moore
Jona Bechtolt
Claire L. Evans
Jackie Westenborg
Scott Irwin
Tom Lipka


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