A lovely exploration of the longing for authentic connection by New York City-based director Jai Moseley. Wanting to ask the kinds of questions that we all grapple with throughout our lives but don’t always have the answers to within ourselves, Moseley and cinematographer Mayer Chalom spent 8 weeks driving through the neighbourhoods of Harlem, Washington Heights and Inwood:

“We hoped they would let us share in their generosity, kindness, and truth. The result is a kaleidoscopic film of unencumbered moments between people and places, centered in feelings, memory, and experiences that are intrinsic to us all. It’s been a guiding light for us, and I hope that comes across for viewers as well.”


Director: Jai Moseley
DP: Mayer Chalom
Editor: Travis Moore
Sound Mix / Design: Raphaël Ajuelos
Colourist: Josh Bohosky
Music: “Dreams” by Kelsey Lu


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