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A hearing-impaired dancer gradually frees herself from the vertigo of teenage boredom in this beautifully shot video for Scratch Massive by French director Tristan Feres and Dissidence Production. Vocals by Maud Geffray. As she explains the project:

“When I met Tristan (Feres) for the first time, he wanted me to make music from his medium-sized footage. His images were beautiful, in 16mm, non-professional actors, it was a very beautiful object and I accepted. He then offered to make a music video, he had film stock left. ‘Dancer in The Dark’ by Scratch Massive, this is the title he wanted to shoot, very quickly our common references: ‘Fish Tank’ and all the films of Andrea Arnolds, Ken Loach’s films too, strong social and emotional films. A thread in the air, a character emerging, a young line, hard of hearing, she lives in the Paris suburbs at her mother’s, her daily life, her inner music, her life, her girlish desires, and how to live fully? to feel the music? the dance as a loophole in her darkness?”

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