A meditative short from cinematographer João de Botelho and producer Sara Samsøe of Copenhagen-based production team Persia. Based on a collection of rare footage taken while travelling through Iran, “Simorgh / The Pheonix” offers an introspective look at the people and places that cause us to question our own journeys.

“We travelled 4100 km, from Tehran to the south and back. On our way we found a country stopped in time, designated by politics but with a hope for a change. As we met these people and their places, we found ourselves asking questions about our own journey. Through their lives we saw ours. We do share the same world but our realities felt so apart. This is how SIMORGH – THE PHOENIX was born: by the fire that ignites us all, but burns differently in every single one of us… Travelling still, through people and landscapes, we are guided by a mysterious presence with the questions we might sometimes forget to answer.”


Production Company: PERSIA
DoP: João de Botelho
Producer: Sara Samsøe
Editor: Freddie Smith
Voiceover: Roya Moghaddas Hoffmeyer
Colorist: Lasse Marcussen / CAMEO FILM
Sounddesigner: Nis Nørgaard
Music: Jacob David & Thomas Haahr
Graphics by: David Anastácio
Developed and scanned @Focus Film Lab

Thanks to
Mehran Moghaddas
ArtOfficial Agency
Cameo Film
Focus Film
Christina Palmegaard
Emma Engberg


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