A beautiful visualization of the end of a friendship for Piet Row’s track “You’re Not Alone Anymore.” Directed by London-based director Giovanni Bolzani Valenzano of Pinch Media. Watch above and see full credits below!


Starring Ali Goldsmith, Greta O’Brien Vial & Giovanni Pisas

Produced by APi, Pinch Media, Lobe Media
Colour Production Company: CHEAT
Directed by Giovanni Bolzani Valenzano
Choreography by Darcy Wallace
Cinematography by Jack Hamilton
Art Director: Francesca Mercieca
Editor: Jay Kevin Composta
Colorist: Caroline Morin
Composer: Aljosa Zovko
Producer: Lewis O’Loughlin
Executive Producer: Enrico Tessarin
Executive Producer: Winnie Wong
Accounts: Elizabeth Mengoli
Colour Producer: Claire Cullen, Thea Dagnaud


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