A lovely visual essay from writer-director Reinis Spaile. Shot on 35mm and 16mm film stock, “In winter we don’t freeze” explores the different ways people keep warm through a series of vignettes showcasing the raw beauty of Northern winters.


Written & Directed by Reinis Spaile
DOP: Janis Jurkoskis
Production: Steve Spencer
Producer: Helvijs Finkis & Matiss Spaile
1st AC: Rolands Zelders, Ermins Baltais
Film Loader, 2nd AC: Davids Smiltins
Music: Christian Gabel, 1900
Sound: Aleksis Lurins
Color Correction: Birgit Suitsu
Voiceover: Andy Galler
Makeup: Marisa Vipule
Style: Marisa Vipule, Teiksma Jankava
Film Scan: Ruta Sudakova
Camera Equipment: BBrental.EU
Film Stock: Kodak Germany
Special Thanks: Roberts Vinovskis, Ghetto Games

Eva Berzina, Zane Paule Sietina,
Tereze Tiesniece, Patriks Patricio,
Madona Hocky Team, RFS, Ksenija Heimane,
Aivars Šmaukstelis, Pauline Kalnina, Martnins Zvirbulis


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