A reclusive stoner receives a visit from a birdhouse repairman in this delightfully off-beat short by Brooklyn-based filmmaker Tynan DeLong. “Azurine” rounds off DeLong’s “Apartment Trilogy” — a series of shorts that follow different pairs of strangers meeting in apartments and seeking connection. The most personal of the three, the project became a way for DeLong to examine his own introversion throughout the years:

“After the death of my father, I spent a lot of time getting high and reading my mother’s Us Weekly magazine, getting lost in images of Keira Knightley and Kelly Clarkson. And that’s where this idea of Azurine getting lost in a commercial for a birdhouse repairman comes from, playing on my own fantasies of companionship and connection during a particularly disconnected time in my life. Sometimes you feel a connection to those who can’t see you — what if you could somehow bring them to life? This short is a romantic comedy for ghosts.”


Starring Fareeha Khan & Ike Ufomadu

Written & Directed by Tynan DeLong
Cinematography by Johnny Frohman
Produced by Harris Mayersohn & Tynan DeLong
Edited by Tynan DeLong
Sound Recording & Titles by Colin Burgess
Music by Steven DeSiena & Dan Arnes
Sound Mixing by Ryan McGlade
Color by Vanessa Castro
Grip by Jeremy Levick


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