A collection of experimental visuals for Colorado’s track with Maximilien by Los Angeles-based director Patrick Mattes (previously featured here). Shot on Super 8, “Stay Strong” was inspired by Aja Malghan’s explorations with film destruction and involved purposefully damaging the film (after it was shot and before it was developed) in order to push the limits of what all can be captured.

“We soaked it in bleach, lemon juice, and much more. Unfortunately with motion film it’s not as simple as still film. The film soon became too brittle and wound up tearing during the development process. Most of the film we shot wound up completely ruined. The images that survived created a symphony of melancholy that fit perfectly with the song.”


Directed & Shot by Patrick Mattes
Shooting Assistance by Christian Klein
Color by Jessica Perez
Edited by Patrick Mattes


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