Two parable-esque narratives by directors Theo Gee and Ian Bousher. Simultaneously brilliant and bewildering, abstract yet strangely familiar, “The Duology of Man” offers a unique meditation on the nature of human choice:

“We think there is a fine line between films that are too strange and hard to understand that you switch off, and films that are so real that you feel like you are being force fed a message. We wanted to make something that teeters on the edge — odd and unusual, but at the same time just accessible enough that you can explore things and pose questions for people that you can’t in the usual way. We want people to watch this film, enjoy it as an experience, but then think about it and interpret it through their own lens.”


Sam Halpenny
Brian Holdom
Leah Cunard
Mary Benn

Directed by Theo Gee & Ian Bousher
Producer: Will Edwick (Flat 14 Films) & Theo Gee
DoP/Grade: Will Price
Costume: Anya Magee
Hair & Makeup: Rebecca Hadfield
1st AC: Calvin Day
2nd AC: Walter Finch
Sound Recording: Antonio Muggianu
Editor: Richard Lozberg
Soundmix: Sebastian Dressel
VFX: Will Price & Benjamin Roberts
Practical FX: Ian Bousher


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