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The first in a two-part series for UK collective The Hour by director Ben Strebel of Skunk (previously featured here). Featuring a gathering of faceless, masked figures, “Mother” explores the liberating potential of a movement based on a lack of identifying markers like class, gender, race, disability. While existing beyond the constraints of society — defying behavioural rules and trends — the haunting visuals also offer a commentary on Britain’s identity crises, disenfranchisement and loss of community. As Strebel explains:

“I wanted to examine the almost utopian idea of anonymity in the face of a society crazed by nihilism (social media driving us to extreme antisocial behaviour and mental illness).”


Production Company: Skunk
Director: Ben Strebel
Executive Producer: Kate Taylor
Producer: India Lee
Creative Consultant: Adam Fish
Director of Photography: Benjamin Todd
Production Designer: Oliver Hogan
Post Production: Luke Morrison @ Electric Theatre Collective
Sound Design: Chad Raymond
Costume Design: Edie Ashely
Casting: Sophie Golding Spittle


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