Great look and tone to this fantastical meditation on young love by Dutch artist Willemskantine. As he describes the project:

“Temporary short distance love affair / 一時的な近距離恋愛 is a short film about the bubble of love 2 teenagers live in. Telling each other their dreams in french over the phone, while the viewer gets to see their real perspective on their wishes/dreams. Yet at the end of the video they choose to keep going how they are”


Written & Directed by Willemskantine
Cinematographer: Jan Koks
Editor & sound design: Jordy Pijper
Gaffer: Marien Simonsz
Music composer: Pieter Beugelink
VFX: Stan Oversteegen
Color grading: Thomas Potman
First AC’s: Peter Krijgsman & Peter Bazuin
Starring: Kosta, Zinzi, Lois, Bieneke & Tevin
Voices: Zaza van de Koppel & Passian Smit


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