A devastatingly realistic anti-coming-of-age story by directors Mishka Kornai and Zach Wechter (previously featured here). Designed specifically to be viewed on a smartphone with headphones, “Pocket” follows the year in the life of an American teen entirely from the perspective of his iPhone. While exploring the perils of adolescence isn’t exactly new, the combination of technology addiction and teenage sexual awakening is. As the directors state:

“For the majority of kids growing up today, their first experience with intimacy happens online, not in person, which represents a seismic shift in what it means to be a young person with a developing sexuality. The film is not seeking to make a moralistic judgement about Instagram or pornography, but when most kids are spending six hours a day in a space that includes this collision of soft porn and their yearbook, sexual objectification and commodification seems like a worrisome possibility.”


Directed by @mkornai & @pizzzach
Writers: @52_1ldjacks & @pizzzach
Producers: @mglasz &
Starring: @macecoronel
Executive Producer: @mrjeradw & @whitelist_tv
Cinematographer: @luke_or_lando
Production Designer: @tyewhipple
Editor: @_johnnychang
Post Sound: @zhoutato
Production Sound: @milkyneil
VFX: @strayngetv & Louis Roy
Casting: @stephaniekerbis
Assistant Director: @everythingsolo
Hair, Makeup AND Styling: Emily Jacobsen
Wardrobe Stylist: @shortyjeinberg
First AC: @peaks.ig
Rig Development & 3D Printing: @boasimon
Poster by @oneloquence


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