A haunting experimental short by Barcelona-based director Jiajie Yu (previously featured here). Created as part of Yu’s online course on experimental filmmaking and a tribute to David Lynch, “Howls” follows a young woman’s trip to a solitary cabin in the woods. Structuring the atmosphere and aesthetic to convey alienation and madness, sound and image are intended to generate a hypnotic tone that is disturbing yet beautiful at the same time.


Starring Yuna Miralles
Written & Directed by Jiajie Yu
Director of Photography: Marcos Del Villar
Gaffer: Mario Lerma Cruz
Art Director: Ricardo Meneses
Costume Designer: Cristina Ximémez de Olaso
Editor: Pau Luzon
Colorist: Julia Rossetti
Sound Designer: Anqi He
Graphic Designer: Tasio


This video was submitted by Jiajie Yu and selected by our team. Click here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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