Two young cult members search for freedom in this video for Rvhu by Sydney-based directing duo Harrison Friend and Samuel Stevenson aka kidsofbill (previously featured here). While originally based around the concept of the song, “We’re on Fire” offers a subtle commentary on cultural diversity and breaking down stereotypes of Australian identity. Being of mixed heritage himself, Rvhu shares his experience of being a coloured person in a predominantly white country:

“I want my voice to be heard as a representation of the ‘Other’; someone who neither identifies as black or white, but as Australian. I want to bring something to the viewer’s attention: certain individuals like to emphasize the fact that I (or any other non-white person) am different. No one can tell me who I am or where I belong. I am proud. I do not tolerate casual racism and when someone decides to use derogatory language towards other cultures, it affirms a negative mentality amongst White Australians and condones racist behaviour. It is not OK to act and say things that are effectively insensitive and disrespectful to other cultures and other people.”


Mamuch Konker & Matilda Brown
Jade Quirici & Jordan Hill
Produced by Emma Kalfus, Harrison Friend & Samuel Stevenson
Directed, Edited by Harrison Friend & Samuel Stevenson
Cinematography: Harrison Friend
Gaf: Ryan Achilles Stamatiades
Costume Design: Emma Kalfus
Colour: Harrison Friend


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