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A dreamy video for French duo Bleu Toucan by director Thomas Bresteau of Paris-based creative studio GRAMA.


Emma Barles
Carole-Anne Bauer
Benjamin Bensoussan
Joséphine Figueira
Marine François
Morgane Nexon
Jessica Randria
Iris de Richemont
Robin Sédille
Maceo Simon
Aloïs VDC

Directed by Thomas Bresteau
Artistic Director: Gérard Mandin
Production: Denis Dong
DOP: Erwan Dean
Machinery: Dorian Pirot
Stylist: Mia Rafolo
Set Design: Louise Douet-Sinenberg
Make Up: Alice Bourlanges
Technical: Vincent Tronel
Régie – Alexis Nasri and Océane Goeury

Written by Léo Becerra and Emmanuel Bonzé
Composed by Léo Becerra, Emmanuel Bonzé & Frédéric Darroux
Produced by Tristan Salvati
Mastered by Benjamin Joubert
Label: Profil de Face


This video was submitted by Thomas Bresteau and selected by our team. Click here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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