Beautiful visuals in this video for Lemon Lights by directors DRAGO collective and cinematographer Stefano Usberghi. “White Forest” explores the loneliness and sadness of a young man who has lost his native land and lives in a present that suffocates him.


Starring Jean Baptiste Shamuana
Directed by DRAGO collective
Cinematographer: Stefano Usberghi
Editor: Mattia Levi
Opening sequence: Emanuele Zarlenga + Stefano Usberghi
Underwater Camera Operator: Stefano Tria
1st AC: Tano Caruso
Co-Production: Federico Giuliano \ Camera Service
Camera and lenses: Camera Service Group
Special thanks:
Emanuele Zarlenga, Alessandro Ubaldi,
Federico Giuliano, Lisa Bof,
Gianluca Palma, Francesco Argenziano,
Jean Baptiste Shamuana, Mattia Benetti


This video was submitted by Stefano Usberghi and selected by our team. Consider participating here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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