Stunning visuals in this video for MALV by director Frank Lucas of Barcelona-based collective Aûm! Studio. Set against the dreamy-yet-sterile architecture of Enric Miralles, Lucas attempts to capture the track’s theme of independence amidst societal pressures to conform. As he explains:

“We aimed to create a space where the melancholy of the lyrics and melody is represented by overwhelming external figures that try to phagocytize a woman that is finally able to control them. We are exploring the loneliness of the female singer in a “modern” ambient like Barcelona towards fake friendships and surroundings when facing artistic success.”

Check out “Powder” above and credits below!


Anna Jorba
Aurélie Veyrat
Carolina Costa
Carlota Carvajal

A film by Aûm! Studio
Directed by Frank Lucas
Produced by Gerard Rodriguez & Marta de Sousa
AD: Paco Ruiz
DOP: Lali Rubio
Editors: Camila Musteikis & Frank Lucas
VFX: Sergi Rejat
1st Assistant Camera: Adrià Guardiola
2nd Assistant Camera: Raül Mulas
Make-Up: Regina Khanipova
Stylist: Álex Cepeda
Stylist Assistant: Tabatha Rivière
Production Assistant: Lluís Grifell
Colorist: David Avecilla
Graphic Designer: Ambar Amill
Music by Malv & HBoss
Thanks to: Ajuntament D´Igualada, Tere Pascual, Aniela Parys



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