A beautiful multi-disciplinary collaboration between dancers David Durrant and Maggie Durrant, musician Thom Robson, and filmmaker James Quinn. “From Fragments” tells the story of dementia through the swan-song of an elderly couple. Exploring the ‘burden’ love places on us not just to sacrifice but (most of all) to cherish, the project is an attempt to capture something of the devastating emotional reality. As Quinn states:

“FROM FRAGMENTS depicts a struggle against dementia that reflects what I have seen in my own family and one that continues to affect many others. Dance is often seen as a poetic form of love, a way to silently express emotions, feelings and thoughts without being specific or overt. Some things are impossible to articulate with words. While this disease can play a part in people’s lives for years, we aimed to tell this narrative in a short form — encapsulating the emotions that couples feel when living through dementia.”

Watch above and see full credits below!


Choreographed and Performed by David Durrant and Maggie Durrant

Written and Produced by Thom Robson
Engineered by Tom Orrell
Mastered by Nigel Palmer
Recorded at The Nave
1st Violin – Lauren Hinds
2nd Violin – Will Harrison
Viola – Sam Chilvers
Cello – Simona Manu
Piano – Tristan Noon
Juno 106 – Thom Robson

Produced and Directed by James Quinn
Director of Photography – Matt Gillan
Editor – Chris Morris
Camera Operator – Bertrand Recourt
Focus Puller – Catharina Scarpellini
Clapper Loader – Joshua Davies
DIT – Bensalem Mitchell
Gaffer – Shaun Waldie
Spark – Jay Gadhvi
Colourist – Dan Moran


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