Writer-director Zach Bandler’s beautiful short about family and forgiveness. Featuring raw performances by actors Meg Steedle and Bruce Davison, “The Lightkeeper” offers a brief glimpse into the lives of two people desperately seeking to communicate despite circumstances that conspire against them. Based on the deeply relatable experience of desiring reconciliation with someone who has hurt us, only to find that reality never quite matches up with our expectations, Bandler states:

“Nothing happens the way we’ve rehearsed it —- if it happens at all -— because reality rarely conforms to our desires and never to our fantasies. The real test of our character is what happens next. How we choose to act. Do we retreat back into ourselves and shirk away from the confrontation? If we do confront and the other person refuses to engage us, do we rail against the unfairness of life and the cruelty of other human beings? Or do we surprise ourselves and take a higher road?”

A labor of love for everyone involved, from cast, to crew, to Kickstarter donors, check out “The Lightkeeper” above. Full credits and behind-the-scenes images below!


Starring Meg Steedle & Bruce Davison
Giver A Go Films
Written and Directed by Zach Bandler
Produced by Victor Mazzone & Meg Steedle
Cinematography: Jon Keng
Edit: James Stiegelbauer
Original Music: Kevin Chambers
Production Design: Kelly Fallon
Costume Design: Jacob Kosarian
Sound Design: Peter Bawiec







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