A playful satire of home shopping for electronic trio Elder Island by UK-based director Nic Kane (previously featured here). Set in a surreal retro-future, “You + I” features a line of homeware products akin to vintage HiFi sets from the 1960s that were actually created by the band to accompany the release of their forthcoming album, The Omnitone Collection.

“Each piece of ambiguous electronic hardware corresponds to a particular song, the purpose and design of which is influenced by its counterpart track. The presiding object of this video is the UI-450, a virtual reality headset with the strapline, ‘Transcend your primary consciousness with this pioneering HMD’.”

Check out “You + I” above and see full credits below!


Katy Sargent
Frode Gjerlow
Jesse Meadows

Director: Nic Kane
Producer: Natalie Stranescu
Director of Photography: Jonathan Haldon
First Camera Assistant: Leon Frind
Second Camera Assistant: Will Pace
First Assistant Director: Natalie Stranescu
Set Designers: Katy Sargent + Laura Griffin
Set Build: Katy Sargent, Ed Butler, Laura Griffin + Rosie Carmichael
Props Design + Manufacture: Dave Havard + Katy Sargent
Production Assistant: Hattie Ellis
DMX controller: Dave Havard
Choreographer: Lottie Ball
Costume / Stylist: Izzy Moriarty Thompson
Make Up Artist: Kathryn McCanny
Hair Stylist: Stephanie Radford
BTS photographers: Hattie Ellis + Will Pace
Catering: Jane Kennard
Location: The Jam Jar
Editing: Nic Kane
Graphic Design: Dave Havard
Compositing: Dan Zucco
Colourist: Cam Sander
Special Thanks:
Gary @ VMI Bristol
Colston Hall
Peachy Queen Co
Laura Griffin + Ed Butler
Luke Thornton
Candice Bryant
Joel Williams


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