A fantastic video for French singer-songwriter Kery James by Paris-based director James F. Coton (previously featured here). Featuring gorgeous cinematography by Maximilian Pittner, “Sans Moi” tells the story of a hardworking young man and the precarious road to success.


Starring Bruni Makaya
Directed by James F. Coton
Cinematographer: Maximilian Pittner
Editor: Marie Raffy
Production: Partizan
Producer: Auguste Bas
Line Producer: Nazha Dahmani
Colorist: Honny Thorpe (GlassWorks)
Steadycam Operator: Valentin Clark
Motion: James F. Coton
Post Production: Royal Post
Exe Production Morrocco: Videorama
Music producer: Kery James, Toma, Jali, Remi Tobbal


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