A lovely short about the nuances of silence by director Jet Hilferink. Exploring what we can uncover from witnessing intimate moments without any prior context, “Tystnad” reveals just how much (or even more) can be communicated without saying a word.


Jacques Danielsson
Adriana Savin
Naida Ragimova
Alan Adler
Sandro Khafor
Miriam Benthe

Director: Jet Hilferink
DoP: Malin Gutke
AD: Dominique Kaireus
Boom Operator: Kasper Duus Karlbom
Gaffer: Fredrik Nordesjö
MUA: Elvira Berglundh
Costume: Mari Miltvedt
PA: Ted Gradén
PA: Stina Utter
Editors: John Nejdebring & Jet Hilferink
Grade: Sabina Törnberg
Sound Design: Echoic


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