A poetic twist on the standard artist profile by London-based filmmaker and artist Bertil Nilsson (previously featured here). Marking the first instalment in what will be a series of portrait films, “Figure 1” blends documentary and abstraction to provoke a visceral response in the viewer. While drawing on his background in photography to explore the contrast between stillness and movement, the personal interview adds a new dynamic to Nilsson’s work. Further challenging himself to be open — to both experimentation and failure — intimacy has become key:

“A portrait for me is always the artist’s interpretation of their subject, it can never even aspire to encapsulate the entire truth of another. But my hope when creating these films is to reflect an aspect of my subject’s truth at a particular moment in time. A pattern is emerging in the stories I’m drawn to tell, so if there was a central idea of the series, it would be that vulnerability is strength.”

Check out Nilsson’s beautiful interpretation of Berlin-based dancer, Mario Español, above!


Director & Cinematography by Bertil Nilsson
Editor: Joseph Comar
Sound Design & Mix: Angel Perez Grandi



Bertil Nilsson’s Website

Bertil Nilsson on Vimeo

Bertil Nilsson on Instagram


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