A moving portrait by Los Angeles-based director Leo Pfeifer. “Lost Time” tells the story of professional drummer, Paul Wager, who loses his timing after suffering a stroke.


Directed & Edited by Leo Pfeifer
Director of Photography: Morgana McKenzie
Original Score: Shie Rozow
Violinist: Miriam Mayer
Sound Design & Mix: Henry Flewitt
Post Sound: Immerse Audio
Visual Effects: Ben Kadie
Production Assistants: Jasper Lauer, Zach Boone
Producer: Leo Pfeifer
Colorist: Morgana McKenzie

Special Thanks:
Jon Sneider, Jonathan Harris, Rebecca Mitchell,
Alex Mullen, Lesley Pfeifer, Taylor Hawkins,
Kelly Tran, Ward Serrill, Hadley Hillel,
Rick Stevenson, Keith Rivers, Max Retik,
Josh Vredevoogd, Jimmy Elinski, Percy Boyle


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