An emotional portrait of 68 year-old marathon runner, Vitor “Nininho” Queranza, by directors Duran Sodré and Giordano Maestrelli (aka Vira-Lata) of Brazil-based filmmaking collective The Youth. Trapped inside a harsh reality of poverty, solitude and failure, Nininho continues to strive toward his goals and dream of better days ahead.


Directed by Vira-Lata (Duran Sodré & Giordano Maestrelli)
Cinematography by Yuri Maranhão & Giordano Maestrelli
Produced by The Youth
Production Coordination: Carol Cherobim
Executive Production: Eduardo Lubiazi
Additional Cinematography: Eduardo Azevedo
Editing: Giordano Maestrelli
Color: João Machado
Post-production & Comp: Rafael Werner
Post: Ramon Fassina & Stéfanos Pinkuss
Sound: Toro Creative Audio


This video was submitted by Giordano Maestrelli and selected by our team. Click here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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