A fantastic documentary short about one young woman’s unique passion and the place that allowed her to pursue it. Written and directed by Andree Ljutica, “Jane Love” embarks on Love’s journey through a conservative Southern upbringing to the world of New York City motorcycle culture. As Ljutica states, the film is about more than just Love, it’s also a “love letter to the city that has given her the room to grow and explore without judgement or prohibition.”


A Smamela Panderson, LLC. production
Writer: Andree Ljutica
Editor: Andre Bato
Director: Andree Ljutica
Production Assistant: Nicholas Assad
Producer: Travis Libin, Andree Ljutica
Executive Producer: Andree Ljutica
Cinematographer: Derek Aspenberg
1st Assistant Camera: Kevin van Witt
Original Music: Benjamin Louis Brody
Wardrobe Supplied by Rent the Runway
Stylist: Chelsea Roberts
Additional Styling: Jane Love
Hair and Makeup: Jesse Genao
Colour: Roy Sun, Reason Studio
Sound Design: Eli Cohn, Nocturnal Sound
Thanks to:
Asaf Tamir, Robin Ljutica, Jill Gibson,
Harrison Bailey, Nicholas Assad, Jane Love


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