A glimpse into the everyday life of young men born and raised amid concrete and purple haze by director Anthony Capristo of Geist collective.


Casaoui, Tarek S.,
Manu A., Bilal A., John P.,
Lucas L., Alper A.,
Dogukan A., John D.

Produced by 1TAKE
Co-Produced by GEIST
Director: Anthony Capristo
Co-Director: Erhan Dogan
DP: Marco Schott
B-Camera: Kevin Jerome
Editor: Bela Adami
Producer: Erhan Dogan
Post-Producer: Sven Bensemann @ INFECTED
Color Grading: Sönke Heuer @ INFECTED
Sound Design/Mix: Floyd Fürstenau, Robin Harff @ Schall und Rauch
Music composed by Nicholas Britell


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