Really enjoy the assemblage of oddities in this video for Josh Pan’s track “Take Your Time” by Los Angeles-based director Daniel Henry (previously featured here). Reminiscent of the tonal vacillations of Yorgos Lanthimos, Henry plays with relatable themes of adolescence and repressed desires:

“We can all relate to the feeling of being in our own heads. Through connections comes disconnections. This video is a glimpse into a group of kids who spent a little to long repressing their urges, and because of it, the weirdo starts to leak out.”

Watch above and see full credits below!


Dodum Kim
Nicholas Morillo
Reign Ayanna

Director: Daniel Henry
Executive Producer: Jimmy Sudekum
Producer: Henry Reed
DP: Trevor Wineman
1st AC: Ajiri Akpolo
Gaffer: Brendan Kenney
Art Director: Honor Hamilton
Set Decorator: Brandon Clark
Production Assistant – Karla Mera
Colorist: Tanner Hall
Production Company: Villa House
Directors Rep: Emily Sanders / Rêveur


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