Lovely cinematography in this video for Hazte Lapón’s track “Tú siempre ganas” by Madrid-based filmmaker Juanjo Rueda Sánchez. Flirting with the idea of the fantasy life of the musical duo, Sánchez blends fiction and reality through a nostalgic use of black and white, along with the colour red representing “the gestures of love that Lolo makes for Saray.”


Starring Saray Botella & Lolo Lapón
Directed by Juanjo Rueda
Scriptwriter: Juanjo Rueda & Lolo Lapón
Production company: Cochabamba films
DOP: Coke Arijo
Editor: Juanjo Rueda
Graphic Designer: Juanjo Rueda
Colourist/Postproduction: Emilio González


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