The seventh chapter of C.P. Company’s Eyes On The City series by London-based director Federico Mazzarisi (previously featured here). Starring photographer Ewen Spencer and his son Kuba, Mazzarisi offers a stylish portrait of Spencer’s work as well as the city that has played such a significant role in his personal and professional development. With a reputation forged in the underground subcultures of the eighties and nineties, Spencer reflects on his passion for Brighton and the creative foundation it continues to provide for his son, as the two face the future, taking new pictures together.

Watch above and check out some of the previously featured instalments from the series below!


Directed by Federico Mazzarisi
Creative Director: Roberto Merlini
Cinematographer: Tommaso Terigi
Production Company: BASEMENT
Executive Producer: Francesco Crespi
Producer: Valeria Spilotro
Line Producer Brighton: Alex Grazioli
2nd Camera Operator: Andrea Munafò
1AC: Rocco Cirifino
Steadycam: Richard James Lewis
Editing: Francesco Caroselli
Music & Sound Design: Daniele de Virgilio
Colorist: Daniel Pallucca
Styling: LAW


“Eyes On The City – Tokyo”

An exhilarating portrait of Tokyo for the fourth chapter of Eyes On The City. For this instalment, the series explores the Japanese tuning scene through the eyes of Akira Nakai, capturing not only his handiwork but the minimalist philosophy that keeps him focused on the present while living the future.


“Eyes On The City – London”

In the London edition of “Eyes on the City”, designer and sportswear hero Gary Aspden shares a heartfelt account of his journey from the hardened cities of northern England to the country’s capital and what home has come to mean for both him and his iconic work.


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