Swedish director Robin Günther offers a unique visualization of a timely topic. Opening with a wide shot of a large, unknown shape — something between a planet and a womb — a silhouetted figure moves to the resounding truths we can no longer afford to ignore. As Günther states:

“Even if there is lots of news with pictures of dead sea life, beaches filled with single-use plastic items, documentaries of plastic islands bigger than countries that are floating around in the oceans; it is hard to grasp the width. This film is an emotional journal based on those facts. I would like to tell the story in a new way. Pushing the way of traditional storytelling. Invite you to get involved with something that is visually both beautiful and frightening, alien-like and human, synthetic and natural. And hopefully, offer a new perspective.”

Watch “Planet of plastic” above and see full credits below!


Directed by Robin Günther
Choreographer & Dancer: Jonathan Morell
DOP: Marcus Möller
Styling: Ingrid Hägglund
B-photo: Jonathan Bjerke
Light design: Anton Andersson
Music: Jimmy Svensson & They dream by day



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