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Really enjoy the styling of this video for Australian artist Max Byrne, aka Golden Vessel. Collaborating once again with London/Melbourne-based director Harry Deadman, “Moonstone” offers a charming re-enactment of a fake moon landing. The song is inspired by real-world events, specifically the 1998 US federal investigation into missing moon rocks from the Apollo 11 mission. Initially distributed around the world as part of the Goodwill Moon Rocks initiative, 30 years later the specimens had largely vanished and become untraceable. While in studio with his friends Byrne’s recalls:

“I started telling them about the stolen moonstones and then morphed it into a metaphor for a conversation we were having earlier about missed opportunities and when we or friends miss out on something that should’ve been in reach (and the frustration around that). The stolen moonstones became the missed opportunities and we all started writing. We tried to sneak a few references from the different stories around stolen moon rocks into the song such as mentioning Joseph Gutheinz who was a NASA special agent tasked with recovering the missing rocks.”

Watch “Moonstone” above. You can also click here to check out Byrne and Deadman’s previous video for “BIGBRIGHT,” if you haven’t already!

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