A beautiful exploration of the rhythms of love by Amsterdam-based director Danny Griffioen for Sofie Winterson’s track “Time.” Featuring great work by cinematographer Douwe Hennink (previously featured here), Griffioen describes the project as a portrait of the different phases of an unhealthy relationship:

“In the beginning, it feels like the love is infinite: lovers have no awareness of the concept of time. Which doesn’t last forever. The love and trust that was built are withered by two estranged strangers. The urge to destroy is present and hope is lost. Time feels lost again.”

Watch above. Full credits below.


Eeva de Frel & Jasmine Karimova
Eva Van der Panne & Sofie Winterson

Directed by Danny Griffioen
Cinematography: Douwe Hennink
Producer: Danny Griffioen
Styling: Isabelle Griffioen
Edit: Daan Adèr
16mm Telecine by DeJonghe
Grading: Erik van den Heuvel @ De Grot
Thanks to De Grot & De Pastorie


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