Love the energy and editing of this experimental piece from Vancouver-based collective Scrap Creative. Merging film, design, strategy and photography, Scrap is the brainchild of director Leigh Powis and DOP Brandon Kelly. After collaborating for over 10 years, Powis and Kelly have now joined forces with producer Kevin Landry, creative strategist Ed Foster, designer/art director Jesse Clemiss and composer Jeremy Wallace-Maclean.

Utilizing a lean production model to deliver exceptional results, Scrap operates under the mantra of innovation — always pushing further into the unknown. As seen in “JBYJ,” a stylish short exploring one man’s fight against contemporary thought in an attempt to elevate the individual from the battlefield of his own mind. Check it out above and see full credits below!


Director: Leigh Powis
DP: Brandon Kelly
Producer: Kevin Landry
1 AC: Eddie Foster
Art Direction & Design: Jesse Clemiss
Talent & Original Music: Jeremy Wallace-Maclean

Thanks to:
Craig Anthony Bullen
Alex Nelles
Willem Healy
Charlie Powis
Emma Baker



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