A haunting video for Desto by Helsinki-based director Kristian Lindén. Complementing the metallic and machine-like track, “Exoskeleton” tells the story of a young woman who finds it increasingly difficult to determine what is real as she dabbles in VR and meets the avatar of her dreams.


Starring Marika Peura & Sofia Etholén
Directed by Kristian Lindén
DP: Kim Koponen
Edit, VFX & Color: Kristian Lindén
Gaffer: Werneri Tienari
Grip: Rasmus Purola
Locations: Aarno Rankka/Galleria Rankka, Joel Hypén/Siro Creative
Catering: Eveliina Lindén
Thanks to: Joel Hypén, Janic Leino, Eveliina Lindén,
Jussi Manni, Matti Pentikäinen, Anton Tammi


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