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Nice casual-creepy vibe to this video for post-punk band Laverne by Vancouver-based filmmaker Zachary Lacosse. Emerging from a mutual sense of dissatisfaction with their surroundings, Lacosse explains:

“It demonstrates some of the pressures that can be found when living in a city widely regarded for it’s beauty. It was an effort to simply examine what evil thoughts the creators have, why they appear, and how Vancouver might play a role in that.”


Chirs Pantazis
Sydney Edwards
Maddison Varas
Dana Bontempo

Written & Directed by Zachary Lacosse
Producer: Zachary Lacosse
DOP: Ben Dawson
1st AC: Hoffman Wong

Thanks to:
Chirs Pantazis, Sydney Edwards, Maddison Varas,
Dana Bontempo, Cineworks, FusionCine


This video was submitted by Zachary Lacosse and selected by our team. Consider participating here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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