Another amazing portrait of wet plate artist Ian Ruhter by director Lauren Vance and cinematographer Ian Beaudoux (previously featured here). “Obscura” follows Ruhter and his Silver & Light team in their efforts to turn a house into a giant camera. As Beaudoux explains the project:

“On March 11, 2017 – What had been a dream of Ian Ruhter’s for seven years finally came true. With the help of Will Eichelberger they were able to create a 66” x 90” Ambrotype by turning an abandoned house into a wet plate collodion camera in Bombay Beach, Ca. The house camera offers a view from the living room of someones abandoned dream. This journey was and is unlike anything Ian could of ever imagine. Without any outside financial assistance Ian decided to risk ‘everything I have’ to put this massive plate into existence.”



This video was submitted by Ian Beaudoux and selected by our team. Click here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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