A lovely spot in support of Breast Cancer Awareness by London-based director Federico Mazzarisi (previously featured here). Produced by the National Film and Television School, “Extraordinary Normality” features a mastectomy bra specially designed for breast cancer survivors by Stella McCartney, whose own mother died from the disease in 1998.

“It tells the time span that embraces the life of a woman from the moment that precedes learning the hard news of a diagnosis of positivity to cancer, to the newfound “normality.” Her emotional development is in crescendo and reaches its climax when words are followed fast, chasing and follow the thread of light that leads to the rebirth and reconquest of the emotional state, apparently, but only apparently, more obvious: that of ‘normality.’ An extraordinary normality.”


Sofia Rivolta
Jess Kinsey
Manuela Lazic

Written and Directed by Federico Mazzarisi
Copywriter: Roberto Merlini
Cinematographer: Alana Mejia Gonzalez
Production Design: Nicola Sadori
Producer: Nikita Leibovic
1AC: Jules Koechlin
2AC: Lea Aubigne
Gaffer: Amir Moulfi
Assistant Art Department: Emily George
Music & Sound: Daniele de Virgilio
Colorist: Daniel Pallucca


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