An intense experimental short written and directed by Spanish filmmaker Álvaro de la Hoz of Burbuja Films. “Frightening Woods” tells the story of a young woman who discovers a blindfold hidden in a strange clearing in the forest. The film contains no dialogue, employing instead what de la Hoz refers to as “the secret weapon of cinema” — allowing the visuals to speak directly to the audience in “its native language: imagination.” Shooting on Super 8mm similarly adds to the haunting and dream-like nature of the piece, as de la Hoz explains:

“The process of working with real film was exciting and very different from the digital workflow. We didn’t have the luxury of unlimited recording time, good low-light sensitivity or even the ability to review what we have just filmed! Those constraints force you to rehearse a lot with the actors, to plan your shooting very carefully and to be extremely focused on set. Whenever the camera starts rolling you can feel a special energy among the actors and crew. I believe it added a unique tension to the performances and helped to build the film’s atmosphere.”

Watch above and see full credits below!


Olivia Matas
Alfonso Señas

Director & Writer: Álvaro de la Hoz
Assistant Director: Nacho Solana
Cinematographer: Laura Hojas
Producer: Roberto Silva
Assistant Producer: Raquel Lobera
Production Designer: Jorge Cimiano
Costume Designer: Marta Solano
FX: Miguel Angel Orellana
Picture Editor: Alvaro de la Hoz
Sound Editor: Diego Gonzalez
Music Composer: Pablo Gregor


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