Spanish director Miguel Angulo captures the raw intensity of sibling dynamics for Elio Toffana & Lou Fresco. More short film than music video, “Invisible” follows the relationship between two sisters and how the things that are not always visible (intuition, love, familial bonds) often have a bigger impact on our lives than that which is easily seen or understood. Watch above and see full credits below!


Almudena Amor
Paula Mirá
Sofian Elben
Paula Cariatydes
Mafer Alonso
Pedro Vega
Alexandra Bárbara Acosta
Andrey Aro
Patricia Scheel
Kristin Lierman
Patricia Sánchez
Amara Brasero
Gyna Llaurean
Stiven Senga

Directed by Miguel Angulo
Produced by Drake Films
Cinematographer: Octavio Arias
Screenplay: Miguel Angulo & Miguel Morán
Storyboard: Ana Nadal
Casting Director: Ana Lambarri
1st AD: Borja Leyva
2nd AD: Alvaro Riesgo
2nd AD: Arantxa Clerencia
Production Manager: Julio Hernández
Production Coordinator: Raúl Luna
1st Assistant Production: Pilar Torregrosa
2nd Assistant Production: Kike López
Art Director: Cesar Payo
Set Dresser: Antonio Castañeda
Set Dresserr : Javi Garrido
Set Dresser: Alberto López
Costume Design: Cristina Campayo
Costume Assistant: Cristina Crespillo
Costume Assistant: Manu Requejo
DIT: Jose Velasco
1st AC: Mario Pérez
2nd AC: Flora Navarro
Video assist: Raquel Rodríguez
Steady Cam: Raúl Manchado
Ayudante Steady: David Gonzalez
1st AC: Sergio Andrés
1st AC: Pablo Pascual
2nd AC: Matías Wasmhut
Gaffer: Sergio Monjas
Best boy: Jorge Fonseca
Spark: Eduardo Díez
Spark: Pepe Azuaga
Makeup & Hairstyle: Verónica García
Makeup & Hairstyle: Marta Segura
Sound mixer: Victor Martinez
Estudio sonido: AM Estudios
Transport: Ernesto Carmona
Editing: David López
VFX: Pablo Morán
Color Grading: Vico Martín & David Castañón
Catering: Plan C
Credits designer: Alex Velasco

Thanks to:
Miguel and Almudena,
Aurora, Tesauro,
colegio “El Sol”, sala “Cool”,
pista de patinaje “La nevera”,
Penny Rubens, Fabri,
Lidia, Nike, Kappa


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