Great look and feel to this video for Rothstein by Barcelona-born director and photographer Yago Hunt-Laudi and Moscow-based director of photography Konstantin Mazov. Drawing inspiration from contemporary European fashion films and American youth culture, “Get Your Shit Together” offers a raw and refreshing account of adolescence, redemption and risk taking. As Yago states:

“I think we are fundamentally social beings, and prolonged isolation, especially in circumstances where it is not by choice, can atrophy our minds in strange ways. Loneliness can be so vast and overwhelming, like the sensation of sinking into deep water, and it can either drive people to action, or cause them to sink further into their solitude. The character in our film choses the former, acting out on impulse and in effect saving himself. This is ultimately what I’d like for people to take away from the piece: that it can be frightening to act on intuition, but it can also lead somewhere beautiful.”

Watch above and see full credits below!


Uly Frasher
Aton Crawley
Kyler Iacino
Henry Ramirez
Gianfranco Gilardino

Director: Yago Hunt-Laudi
Cinematographer: Konstantin Mazov
Exec Producer: Preston West
Producer: Henry Metro
Assistant Editor: Kirill Khandurin
Steadicam Operator: Juan Puentes
1st Assistant Camera: Nicolas Vallejo
2nd Assistant Camera: Celeste Perlez
Stylist & Casting: Sabrina Victoria
Production Designer: Mariano Rubin De Celis
Assistant Production Designer: Juan Alvaro Lopez
TV VFX: Clayton McCracken



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Konstantin Mazov on Vimeo

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