A gorgeous set of vignettes supporting Vancouver Biennale by Vancouver-based director Dylan Maranda of KIDDO Films. Featuring stunning cinematography by Cole Graham (previously featured here), the three-part series is a direct response to the art-focused non-profit’s newest installations. Like the theme of the exhibition itself, Maranda encourages viewers to “re-IMAGE-n” each work, offering up his own interpretive lens and medium as a way of bringing the deeply personal experience of public art to life. As he explains:

“I really wanted to recreate the feeling of ingesting a work of public art in the film format. Often times you experience these pieces without context, and a beautiful ambiguity that allows everyone to apply their own emotional experience to the work. I chose to base surreal vignettes on only the titles of included works without receiving context on the new art itself to reflect this subjectivity. If you have any sort of response to the pieces, that’s all I can ask for as a filmmaker! An extra special thank you to those that worked on this and to Cole Graham’s incredible cinematography that made these pieces come to life.”

Check out “Paradise Has Many Gates” above. See the rest of the series — “A Small Weight To Forge The Sea” and “A Logo For America” — below as well as some behind-the-scenes images from the shoot!




Directed by Dylan Maranda
Cinematographer: Cole Graham
Executive Producers: Leah Nelson, Michael Milardo
Production Company: KIDDO





Dylan Maranda’s Website

Dylan Maranda at KIDDO

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