A meditative portrait by Austin-based filmmaker Travis Lee Ratcliff (previously featured here). Turning his attention to Irish sculptor and educator Dony Mac Manus — an artist who rejects the ugliness of contemporary art and returns, instead, to the ideals of the renaissance —  Ratcliff states:

“Dony’s work and thinking seem to raise a set of questions about our experience of time and our sense of place in it. How do we navigate the past, tradition, and form our identity in the present in response to these forces? These were the ideas I wanted to explore in this film.”

Watch “In the Space Between Ages” above. Credits below.


Directed by Travis Lee Ratcliff
Executive Producer: Brad Fassbender
Produced by Travis Lee Ratcliff & John Carmichael IV
Associate Producer: Andrew Natali
Cinematography John Carmichel IV
Editing & Sound Design: Travis Lee Ratcliff
Additional Mixing: Matteo Digiulo
Music by Gavin Brivik
Colorist: Brandon Thomas, TBD Post
1st AC, Gaffer: Emily Brown
Production Assistant: Logan Rabe
Artist’s Model: Logan Rabe

Special Thanks:
Brad & Teresa Fassbender, Andrew Natali,
Dony Mac Manus, Kathryn Bailey,
Emily Brown, Logan Rabe, Kami Garcia,
Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin,
The Natural History Museum of Ireland,
The Doughtery Arts Center


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