Some great shots in this video for Artigeardit. Directed by Kristoffer Kirketerp Frandsen, “Ses Senere” features really nice work by Denmark-based cinematographer Christian Kirkeby of Vida Media, who handled the editing as well. See full credits below.


Director: Kristoffer Kirketerp Frandsen
Director of Photography: Christian Kirkeby
Producer: Anders Villemann
Editor & Colourist: Christian Kirkeby
Gaffer: Jonathan Kjaergaard
Still Photographer: Finn Peper
Production Company: Vida Media

Special Thanks:
Kjartan Thor Óttarsson, Ian Rummler,
Rezet Store, Ronni Morgenstjerne,
Lotta-Liina Mikaela, Mathielde Algreen,
Prince Henry, Phillip Oslev, Ali Kahbazy,
PhotoCare and everyone who assisted


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