A lovely experimental dance film by New York City-based director Alec Battistoni. Set to the music of French artist Superpoze (Gabriel Legeleux), “Pattern, Break” explores the monotony of relationships and the attempt to break it through the freedom of physical movement. While the struggle to sustain human connection is often seen as a sign of dysfunction, for Battistoni there’s also a certain beauty to the “attempt at success in the midst of an overwhelming potential for futility.”


Starring Tyrell Hampton & Stefanie Noll
Directed by Alec Battistoni
Production: Studio VIC
Producer: Juan Carlos Hurtado Quimper
Production Design: Rebecca Liu
Cinematographer: Matt Foundoulis
Choreographer: Dasol Kim
Cast: Natalie Yang
Assistant Director: Elisabeth Ligonett Lam
Gaffer: Julia Kupiec
First Assistant Camera: Henry Dacosta
Second Assistant Camera: James Coleman
Hair and Makeup: Fallon Horvath
Location Manager: Medi Matin
Production Assistant: Catherine Ryan
Colorist: Alexia Salingaros
Music by Superpoze (Gabriel Legeleux)



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