Tons of lovely shots in this fashion film for Stieglitz by director Nick Harmsen of Amsterdam-based Since ’88 and cinematographer Douwe Hennink. Shot on the island of Karpathos in Greece, see full credits below. You can also click here to check out Harmsen and Hennink’s previously featured collaboration, “Morocco,” if you haven’t already!


Concept by Douwe Hennink & Nick Harmsen
Production company: Since ’88
Client: Stieglitz
Model: Danika Pienaar

Directed by Nick Harmsen
DP: Douwe Hennink
Producer: Daan Dagevos
Edit: Nick Harmsen & Douwe Hennink
Colorist: Erik van den Heuvel
Music: Joris Titawano
Sound Design: Gijs Domen & Jits Vlaar
Voice: Dusty

Thanks to:
Pien Stieglis
Fauve Bouwman
De Grot


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