Two friends’ attempt to escape The Apocalypse doesn’t quite go as planned in this comical short by writer and director Zeke Farrow. Combining the most dramatic circumstances imaginable, with a group of people completely incapable of dealing with it, the idea for the film emerged from actual conversations between Farrow and his friends back in December 2016. As he recalls:

“Trump had just been elected and it was Christmas party season in Los Angeles! High anxiety was in the breezy desert air. As I caught up with friends and acquaintances over eggnog and bourbon, the conversation kept turning to Apocalypse escape plans. What will we do? How will we get out of LA? Where will we meet? Whose car will we take? The more I had the conversation, the more outlandish the plan I would suggest. This was the seed of the idea for Ride or Die – a super awkward social situation which was a reasonable inevitability given drunken Christmas party hypotheticals.”

Watch above and see full credits below!


Zeke Farrow
Christine Woods
Arturo Ortiz
Kristin Slaysman
Tess Niedermeyer

Written & Directed by Zeke Farrow
Produced by Zeke Farrow, April B. Russell, Mark Winters
DOP: Sinziana Velicescu
Production Designer: Joel Rock
Edit: Jules Nurrish
Sound Design: Michael Kross
“Ride or Die Theme Song” by Jason Coulliard & Dustin Stale Cracker


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