A short musical fashion piece from Los Angeles-based artist vōx and director Grant Spanier of DAD® (previously featured here). Emerging organically through a sense of mutual admiration, the collaboration resulted in the short film as well as an accompanying series of still photographs. As Spanier states:

“Her aesthetics visually and sonically is so beautiful to me… sort of intimidating and inviting all at once. And I had a vision for the intersection of the themes and aesthetics of our work. At that meeting point — between warm filmic nostalgia and her cool elegance — these images were born. The short film portion features music from vōx and was shot on super 8mm film. The photos were all shot on 6×6 120mm film. This is the first collaboration of many between us, I hope.”


Directed by Grant Spanier
Model: vōx
HMU: Danielle Katherine
Assistant: Lizzie Steimer
Wardrobe: Kinkshame Heathcliff
Music: vōx



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