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Lovely shots in this video for singer-songwriter Halima’s track “If Love Was Green” by New York City-based director Nina Gofur.

“The concept behind the video is mimicking the stages of turning into a butterfly. You start out bare, in a cocoon and slowly grow into this very beautiful and elusive creature. That is how I see Halima, and other womxn as well. Carrying on our shoulders the power passed down by the generations of womxn before us. In this video, Halima’s Great Great Grandmother’s hands move her into a realm of self discovery and empowerment.”

Watch above and see full credits below!


Featuring Kamau Wainaina & Elizabeth Smith

Directed by Nina Gofur
Producer: Will Frank
Co-Producer: Kylan Tyng
Director of Photography: Isabella Tan
Production Designer: Sonya Stepanova
Assistant Director: Emily Gurland
1st AC: Tommy Chan
2nd AC: Ward Kamel
Gaffer: Ben Davis
Key Grip: Rony Portillo
Stylist: Elena Lark
Makeup: Kamala Johnson
Hair: Monet Jeffries
Insect Wrangler: Dominique Kaplowitz
Editor: Lily Newton
Color: Alexia Salingaros


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